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Filgueira Painting Co. Filgueira Painting Co.
Porches can be open, screened, or glass-enclosed but all must have the feeling of welcome and warmth. To achieve the sense of shelter and warmth one should think of the right color to paint their porch. A porch should be painted a light color which gives the sense of the porch opening the house up to the street. Dark porches close the house in and appear more confining. To make the porch appear larger try picking a contrasting color between the porch structure and the body color of the house.
Front Door
Doorways are where you welcome the world to your home. The front door is the entry point of the house. It should be welcoming and eye catching and should set the tone for what a person expects when to enter.
Decks Refinishing
Your deck is the central part of your outdoor living space and should be properly taken care of to ensure that peeling does not occur. Decks are exposed to the elements every day. Ultraviolet rays, standing water, excessive moisture and foot traffic can accelerate the damage to the coating. To prevent this damage one must perform a proper surface preparation and apply the correct deck refinishing oil and/or stain according to the amount of sunlight and weather that your deck receives.
Porch Ceiling
Many porch ceilings are made of wood and then were painted white or off white, this is not your choice today. There now is a growing trend to keeping the natural look of the wood preserved. The natural wood color gives a light, airy feel but at the same time a slightly more rustic feel. Although, keep in mind that a painted porch ceiling can be beneficial to you depending on the style of your home.
Cedar Roof
Cedar roofs have a natural beauty which needs to be preserved. If you would like to preserve this natural beauty and prolong the life of your roof the proper maintenance needs to be performed. Every 3-4 years your cedar roof needs to be refinished by power washing the roof to remove dirt build-up and mildew and coating it with an oil preservative to lock in your cedar roof's natural glow. By maintaining your roof's longevity you are not only protecting your investment you are also decreasing the risk of any damage to the inside of your home by water intrusion.
Garage Door
A garage door like a front door is a place of entrance and should look inviting but since it doubles in size of the front door you should downplay the size by staining or painting it just a shade lighter or darker than the house's body color. This allows the garage door to look unique but still puts emphasis on the front door as the main point of entry.
Teak Patio Furniture
Teak is a durable material and requires nearly no maintenance. As teak ages it takes on a grey hue brought on by sun exposure. Although many people like teak's aged look its original golden color is a sigh to see. In order to retrieve the original golden color a teak restoration performed by a skilled professional is necessary. There are many steps involved to revive the color of the teak and one has to make sure that the restoration does not compromise the integrity of the wood in any way. Once the golden color of the teak is restored it can easily be brought back to its weathered finish. Teak's versatility is a bonus and considering the number of years it will last it is a great investment.